1. Despite all our efforts, there will inevitably be occasions where an item is faulty or damaged in some way. Where this is found at the time of delivery, we will arrange to deliver another at the next opportunity (in accordance with the relevant lead time and subject to stock availability).
  2. All goods are guaranteed to be reasonably fit for the purpose of residential use. Unless otherwise specified, we guarantee that all items will provide a minimum of six months of reasonable residential use. We may offer longer guarantees on certain items; these will be set out on the company's official sales information for the items. This excludes damage to fabrics or other surfaces, or general usage, arising from normal wear and tear. This guarantee is in addition to any warranty provided by the supplier. This does not affect the Customer's statutory rights.
  3. Where an item develops a fault within the warranty period, the Customer should notify us in writing with full details and photographs of the problem. We may request to inspect the item before acknowledging that the item can be returned as faulty. If the fault is covered under warranty, we will arrange for it to be repaired. Where we deem that repair will not provide a satisfactory solution, we will agree to exchange it.
  4. Unless we specifically confirm otherwise in writing before an order is placed, we do not guarantee that any items are suitable for contract use. Contract items can be obtained but these will normally need to be ordered specially. See also below regarding Special and Bespoke Orders.


  1. The terms and conditions outlined in this returns policy apply to any purchases from The Furniture Union.
  2. All sales must be checked for damage upon delivery and must be notified to TFU within 24 hours, if not unwrapped. If unwrapped deliveries must be checked at the time and signed for – therefore there will be no return allowed. Where the item is rejected at the time of delivery, due to damage a replacement will be delivered FOC.
  3. All special orders are non-refundable if damaged a replacement will be ordered. If they do not match the description in any material aspect, then a replacement will be ordered.
  4. Replacements will be not be offered for any item that has been assembled, whether by The Furniture Union or otherwise (e.g. frame beds and flat-packed wardrobes) or for any bespoke item or other non-standard item that was ordered specially for the Customer. This restriction does not apply where the item is found to be faulty within the warranty period.


  1. It is the customer's responsibility to check the order form and confirm that all products and address details are correct.
  2. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all measurements of furniture purchased are checked to ensure accessibility. Any item of furniture that we are unable to deliver as a result of problems involving access that were not mentioned in writing at the time of order will not be returned.
  3. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, an order can be rearranged or amended without additional cost at any time before it is scheduled for delivery. However if the order is a special order and confirmed no changes can be made. Any additional payment is required before the order will be processed.
  4. To cancel either an entire order or any item from an order, customers should contact The Furniture Union, quoting the order number and/or delivery address. Charges will be applicable depending on date of order. Please ask at time of order or no cancellations will be applicable.
  5. Once a delivery has been scheduled with the Customer or Access Contact, any cancellation, amendment or rearrangement is liable to incur a charge towards the cost of the rejected delivery (for a cancellation or rescheduling) or the need for an additional delivery (for an amendment). See also under Failed Deliveries below.
  6. Where The Furniture Union is unable to deliver any ordered item in accordance with these Terms of Sale, we will arrange items to be delivered at customer convenience.


  1. We are able to order special or bespoke items for a Customer.
  2. We will not order such an item from our suppliers until we have received a confirmed order and payment.
  3. Such non-standard items may require a lead time. The estimated lead time will be notified upon order. Delivery will be scheduled for a date after all items are due to have been received.
  4. Special order items are non-refundable and cancellation of order will incur a minimum of 25% or 50% if cancelled within 2 weeks of delivery date.


  1. Where we fail to carry out a delivery or are unable to complete any contracted work for any reason before the agreed delivery deadline, we will attempt to notify the Customer at the earliest opportunity to agree a solution.
  2. Where any such failure results from failed access or some other matter for which the Customer or Access Contact is responsible, a charge may be payable.
  3. Failed deliveries will be rescheduled in the normal course as set out below.
  4. If it appears that an item has not been delivered, the Customer should notify within 24 hours. Where we accept that an item has not been delivered, the options available for any other failed delivery will apply. In case of a dispute, the Company will be entitled to reject any such claim if the Customer signed for receipt of the goods. Where the Customer was not present, the Company will be entitled to reject any claim.


  1. Payment is due upon order unless agreed otherwise in writing. If a special order a 50% deposit will apply, with full payment before delivery.
  2. Orders will not be scheduled for delivery until the required payment has been received.
  3. For orders paid by card, we reserve the right to request to check the card, receive proof of identification and to obtain a signature to confirm payment is due before carrying out the delivery. Delivery can only be made to the registered card address.
  4. Where another payment method is used, we reserve the right to wait until payment has cleared before delivery is made.
  5. Order confirmations can be sent on request before delivery. This will normally be by email to the billing contact.
  6. Invoices will be sent to the nominated billing contact on completion of the delivery. Unless requested otherwise, this will be by e-mail.
  7. Invoicing will normally take place once all items on the order have been successfully delivered. However, we reserve the right to invoice part-shipped orders.
  8. All invoices are payable within the agreed payment terms from the date of the invoice. This invoice date and the due date are shown on the invoice.
  9. All items remain the property of The Furniture Union until payment in full has been received. This includes payment of any charges associated with the order.
  10. Where payment is not received within the terms of the contract, the Company will be entitled to pursue any legal rights to recover the sums due. The costs of any such legal remedy and any enforcement will be added to the debt. Where the furniture is recovered, all costs of recovery will be added to the debt.
  11. The Company reserves the right to assign any debt.